MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH (H): The magnetic field strength’s symbol is H and measured in amperes per meter (A/M) or Newton per Weber (N/W). This is the force experienced by a unit pole of one Weber within a magnetic field.
H=NI/L where L= length of the magnetic circuit.
N= number of turn, and I=current in ampere.
Magnetic field strength represent how much strengthen the magnetic field is. That means the density of magnetic field lines inside the magnetic field.

MAGNETIC FLUX (ø): These are the total number of magnetic force passing through a specified area in a magnetic field.
It is denoted by ø, and S.I unit is Weber.

FLUX DENSITY (B): The total amount of flux passing through a unit area at right angles to the flux is known as flux density.
The S.I unit is Wb/m2 or Tesla.
Flux (ø)= flux density(B) X area (A),
Or, ø=B X A

MAGNETIC POTENTIAL: This is the work done required for shifting a unit pole of one Weber from infinity to that point against the force of magnetic field.
The unit is Joule/Wb.


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